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Seed Seekers is a great inspiration story featuring a trio of brave young women, Geoph, Rose and Mardaline.

Our heroines are deployed to investigate why their Earth is dying. All the essential ingredients Mother Earth requires for balance are being depleted. It is a race against time to restore the equilibrium to the planet and keep faith and hope alive.

Before long, they come across a cute mythical creature none have seen before. Could it possibly be a unicorn or are their eyes deceiving them? A grand wizard friend of this strange little white horse tells them of another of its kind who must be reunited with his companion.

Not one, but two now! Most strange. It is no coincidence that our courageous champions have stumbled upon these important clues.

This is just the start. Our brave threesome will have to dig deep to take on their quest. The realization of the inner strengths each of them will need to accomplish this colossal calling will have each character finding out more about themselves than ever before.

How our trio handles their quest may hold the future of Earth in the balance, to lose would see the world devoured by darkness.

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Seed Seekers Main Characters

Geoph the Strong-Willed


She is often very cruel and none too sensitive to others. As a skilled warrior she knows how to wield a sword and is a great fighter in her own right. She has a lot to learn when it comes to other people’s feelings.

When her father went off to war and was missing in action, she set out immediately to find him. She meet up with two other females who strongly became her friend despite her arrogance. They work very well together as a strong team and balance each others strengths learning along the way.

Rose the Kind-hearted

Not very intelligible but very smart in her own right. She is a friend to most, especially the animals as she knows how to communicate with them. She is very open minded as things seem to be cloudy to her. She loves to have fun and not worry about most things that interfere with life in general. A great follower and helpful in everything she can offer to the table. She proves to be a greater friend to Geoph as she always listens. Cute playful, caring and loving individual. She is very strong on the whip and skillful on pinpointing the slightest weapon in range. Pays attention to the smallest of detail.

Mardaline the Wise

Very sturdy and strong. She knows how to handle a heavy hammer and breaks the strongest of earth with it. Extremely brilliant, she could almost pass as a wizard, but her loyalty lies on her strength. She is the mediator of the small group she had formed with the other two female warriors and always tries to rebuttal Geoph’s decisions regardless. Idealistic and a naturals she loves to prove that she’s as smart yet is loyal to her group and will always help any way she could in the midst of trouble. She caught the eye of the warrior Chain due her strength and devotion as he is very similar.

Ian the Virtuous

Very humble as well as noble. He is the stronghold of the court and new heir for the kingdom. He contains the seed to help maintain the environment and sanity of the world, but will he prove successful on his responsibilities while trying to gain knowledge of the new world he was placed upon. Kind, smart and technically inclined. Musically challenged but very spirited. He is a strong friend to all in the new world. He not only wields the bow and arrow, but he has a magic inside of him that no one can compare to.

Epoche the Wizard

Wise and very noble, he is the caretaker as well as the wizard of the court. Serving for many generations, many look to him for guidance and support as he is helpful and friendly.  Knowledgeable of everything in the kingdom, he does his best to protect it. A friend to the kingdom, he wants nothing but the best for the people in and around it despite all the hardships that he and others face. He is considerate and still feels he has a lot to learn in general of the world and himself.

Chane the Warrior

Strong and an agile warrior, he was trained by the black banner group as he was set to take care of his sister as she had him. A very kind and caring individual, he would do anything for those he loves. He has a strong sense of devotion as his strength lies more into his heart than his muscles. Wielding an axe he hs a strong force and holds his own in any situation as he commands strong armies. Not always the brightest in the group only due to his ideas and ways. He cares more for helping than other things.

Chana the Witch


She is a unique wizard and is the most clever of all in the new world. Chana was taught a measurable skill by her father on how to survive any situation, Once the war broke out, she took care of her brother. Her magic is resourceful and important as she helps as much as she can in this new world. 

Once labeled by many as a horrible person, she was soon discovered as a kind and caring individual.

Drawing water from most resources, as well as knowledge from others, she is a force to be reckoned with. Now helpful to the kingdom, Chana the witch is granted as a councillor more than just a magician to the court. 

How this story came to light, my personal and creative crusade.

A friend and I both had the same wish, to empower a young audience with a comic-based story which would inspire without the usual and unnecessary extreme violence, mayhem, and inappropriate sexual content. All of which is just to appear relevant.
We realized there are no strong role models to follow, ones who uphold these strong moral qualities we have woven into our stories.

Volume 1 is an inspiring story which introduces the main characters who are the mainstay of a viable quest. The reader will follow along with each character and discover their strengths and weaknesses as the story unfolds. Regardless of age and gender, each step of the plot offers a learning experience in the roles played to the audience.
The main three characters become notable warriors as they seek out a great sovereign who in turn becomes aware of just how crucial he is to the story. He holds a significant strength within him which is of great value, and he finds out how to let his talent shine.

Children need this type of role-model based storytelling. It helps them understand the importance of working together for a common goal. A role and a place they can find equally in this struggling world. Every person is important and has a part to play in life, no matter whether they are a wizard, warrior or a great sovereign.
We should all be able to relate to the greater parts of this challenging story we call the Seed Seekers.

My campaign is a challenge too, and I need your support in getting this story out into the marketplace to gain a wider audience. You can form an essential part of this project by getting this comic-book story into the hands of a sharp young mind. They can learn some valuable lessons on how to bond and help each other, messages which are not commonly conveyed via mainstream literature.
Each dollar that you contribute helps my campaign gain traction, with the Seed Seekers story offer one step closer to the primary goal of this challenge. Remember, you are also supporting independent artists to get noticed, and once out in the open, we will get our opportunity to shine too.
I will always view you as a great warrior for the help you give in getting my role-model characters out there for all to read.

Thank you for reading my story and for your generous support.

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