Very slow week in everything!

I am having a bit of a slow week this week on everything!  It started out pretty crappy the last week dealing with people around my area as everyone has no respect with people around them.  I tried to help my mother out of a car and a driver honked at me to move… 🙁  Then I went to park somewhere and some guy got into his car then slammed the door into my passenger side not knowing I was in the car itself.  He was parked more to the line than I was.  I actually tried to get out of his way and he showed no respect.  I addressed him, but he still showed no emotion or anything.  It’s very hard to live around here and I try each day to follow it the best I can.  Well thinking that my week would get better, it was far from the truth.  I tried to cross the street to my car and someone tried to run over me because they did not want to wait for the light.  I was at a cross walk!  NO wonder people want to jaywalk!  I get upset over those people, but they have more sense because of the impatient people we live around. 

Well it never gets better for me this whole week.  Very slow on Ebay.  Nothing I have is selling very well.  I am just more into getting things out of the house.  I really have no more room and need the money to pay the bills.  I just can’t get a handle on most of my situation.  I hope that it picks up in the coming weeks before May hits.  May is usually my worst month of the year.  Don’t know if it’s astronomical or the like, but it seems to happen to me.  I hope I can beat the pattern and make up for everything in life.  I have too much against me right now.  Bills, looming debt, a car that keeps breaking on me, projects to finish.  I have so much to look forward to too..  So gearing up and moving on will be the bigger part of my project.  I just wish it wasn’t too slow, but I guess I should just be patient as I ask God each to give me. 

Prayer has been powerful for me.  So while I wait, I will take it a bit more easier and try to get less stressed. Wish me luck.

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