The Three Investigators and the Secret of Terror Castle


There are a bit of details I want to put in, but overall it’s finished.  I am working on fan art of the three investigators and the secret of terror castle seeing how it’s their 50th anniversary.  I am reading all kinds of reviews and inserts from my fellow bloggers and other friends and I will interject my review when I get a chance to reread it. Right now I am trying to work on a mini dialogue, moving comic of the crimebusters series that dated back in 89.  I reread that and was a bit dismayed on how it all overtook the characters and how some were changed, but as a fan I will always love the series, no matter what direction they took over the years.  I feel that I grew up humbly on the series.  Hell, I was 17 back in 89 and just latched onto the series at 12 back in 84.  30 years have passed for me and I really enjoyed how they placed me in a world of mystery and fun.  Unlike the Hardy Boys or Nancy Drew, it was filled with action and humor that I could not describe.   Now with Germany at the helm and Kosmos, I greatly appreciate the trill and how they are still entertaining young children today.

I remember my dream was to see a movie of the three and thanks to the love of the German fanbase, we were able to achieve that.  It was not so much a bad movie in my opinion.  They did it well and I was very happy to get my chance and dream come true.  So I hope that even as 50 years have come and gone, it will continue forever.  Throughout the world, throughout here.  I am happy. 

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